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Established in April 2003, Will4Adventure specialises in the provision of high quality adventure experiences in the peak District, Snowdonia, the Lake District and occasionally Scotland too. We have expertise in all aspects of hill walking, rock climbing, mountaineering, mountain-biking and wilderness first aid/expedition health, plus charity event organisation.

Will Legon, founder and owner of Will4Adventure
Mountain Leader, Rock Climbing Instructor, First Aid Trainer, MIAS L2 MTB leader

Will Legon founder and owner of Will4Adventure

William Legon

Will4Adventure was founded by and is run by, William Legon. Qualified mountain leader, rock climbing instructor, first aid trainer, mountain bike guide, well traveled globe-trotter and adventurer, a graduate of Far From Help wilderness medical training, former Territorial Army officer and school teacher: Will has the hard earned skills and experience to organise and lead adventure holidays to all the corners of the globe. Challenging and adventurous environments are made all the more palatable by Will’s supportive approach and well placed sense of humour.

Additionally Will4Adventure employ specialist professionally qualified leaders for different courses and treks overseas. All our leaders are highly skilled in their field, qualified to lead you, and all are qualified first-aiders. Almost as important: all our leaders are spirited and passionate about the outdoors, personable, professional and hugely supportive.

The Team

A business is only as good as the people that run it and work for it. Fortunately Will4Adventure is blessed with a great team of leaders and instructors. Below I have listed a fraction of the personalities you may meet on one of our weekends, courses, trips or adventures. There are quite a few more you might meet, but these are the main characters you are likely to have look after you. All of them known to me for a long time and most importantly, all of them good friends too!

Lizzy, Mountain Leader & First Aid Trainer


Lizzy might be (allegedly at least) the eldest member of our team, but when she’s outdoors, she’s like a puppy on its first walk! In a previous life she tells us she was a school PA – more likely she was secretary of state for Education! Previous life experiences also include many hours volunteering with the scouts and exploring caves underground. Nowadays she’s more to be found above ground, working as an active mountain leader and with extensive experience leading treks and trips in the UK and overseas. More than just walking, Lizzy also loves ticking off scrambles in the Lakes and Snowdonia and every now and again she shows us she can climb half-decently too! She’s also a qualified first aid trainer and I seem to have convinced her that two-wheeled adventures are also the way forward! Watch that space!

Adam – Mountain Leader, Rock Climbing Instructor, Mountaineering & Climbing Instructor


Adam first joined us (many years ago) as a client seeking out new adventures. Since those days he has cruised through the ranks and is now a qualified mountain leader, rock climbing instructor and a mountaineering & climbing instructor, (MCI), full to the brim with knowledge, top tips, and pearls of wisdom to boot. With all his acquired experience and with his ever-thoughtful and reflective approach to all that he does, he is regularly my sounding-board, always offering sage advice.  Often to be seen pushing his grade at the crag, or at the wall and also equally happy running in the fells or skiing in the Alps. Many of you will have met Adam on one of our Fear of Heights courses, or Rock Climbing courses in the Peak District. He’s also a regular leader for our Hills Skills courses, and guiding on Scrambling Weekends in the Lakes and Snowdonia. Latterly he has gained a wealth of experience guiding clients in the Cuillins on the Isle of Skye.

Stu – Mountain Leader, Rock Climbing Instructor, First Aid Trainer

Rock climbing in the Llanberis Pass


In a previous life Stu was an English teacher in Sheffield. Nowadays he’s a blessed man working professionally as a mountain leader, rock climbing instructor and first aid trainer. If you’re ever lucky enough to have Stu lead you on one of our adventures or courses you won’t help but be fired up with all his enthusiasm and general bonhomie. Despite his lack of height, and insistence on using Edmund Hilary’s rack for rock climbing, he’s also surprisingly good, climbing at the local wall or crag. When he’s not out walking or climbing, you’ll see him in his finest lycra running up and down them Peak District hills too, and or taking part in a local half-marathon.

Haydn – Rock Climbing Development Instructor, Climbing coach, qualified Mountain Leader


Haydn (RCDI and qualified ML) is a climbing machine. He just doesn’t stop. When he’s not instructing, he’s climbing. I’ve never been to his house, nor asked, but I’d be surprised if he owns a TV. I imagine that after a long day at the wall or the crag, Haydn will go home and work out on his campus board getting some pull-ups in on one-handed crimps. I’m making this bit up – but when you meet him you’ll soon be overwhelmed, infected, entranced with his passion for all things climbing. Indoors, sport, trad, bouldering – it doesn’t matter, he loves it all. Furthermore, Haydn is one of those rare climbers that is not only excellent at what he loves doing, but is really good at imparting his passion and skills with all levels of student/client. He’s a natural with all our groups – from the clients on the Fear of Heights courses, to families looking for a day of adventure, to leading our master-class coaching days. Whatever level you’re at, it will be your pleasure to have him lead your day. He’s also got a super (retro) mountain bike which I’m trying to convince him needs donating to a museum.

James – Mountain Leader, Rock Climbing Instructor, Mountain and Climbing Instructor


Too much time spent looking at James’ Instagram feed could easily lead me to divorcing my wife, disowning my children, and heading off into the sunset, driving a battered old van to seek my next adventure. This lad (well he was when I first knew him) has it all – except obviously not the wife and children of course. James has just about enjoyed every adventure to be had. A hugely experienced mountaineer, he has climbed the world over, from the Himalayas to the Andes and is now to be found loving life in Wales. James has been with this team ever since his student days living in Sheffield, he’s run our Fear of Heights courses, led Rock Climbing courses, guided on the Welsh 3000s and now is the key leader to take you mountaineering, climbing and scrambling in the mountains of Snowdonia.

Mike – Mountain Leader (Winter), Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor

image of Mike Laing, mountaineering instructor


I first met Mike in 2006 when he was making the transition into civvy life following his 16 years serving in the Army where he had the good fortune to gain a host of outdoor qualifications. Since those days Mike has pioneered expeditions within Greenland’s Arctic Circle and become somewhat of a key authority on Sweden’s Kungsleden (King’s Trail). Equally, Mike is at home climbing in the Alps, clambering up the Via Ferrata of Italy and mountaineering in his home mountains of Wales. For Will4Adventure, in his capacity as a mountaineering instructor and winter qualified mountain leader, Mike has led our winter skills courses, led trips to climb Jebel Toubkal in Morocco, and instructed on our scrambling and mountaineering courses in Snowdonia.

Brian – Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy Certified NLP Master Practitioner EFT Level 3 Practitioner


“Look into my eyes, look into my eyes …” Brian is the magician (therapist actually) who will banish you of your fears and phobias on our Fear of Heights courses. Brian is a keen walker, especially so if that walk ends at his local where there might be pint of real ale waiting his grasp. Always patient, always supportive and always ready with a smile on his face: he’s the man you want to turn to when you’re having your very own epic!

Monty – Man’s Best Friend, Fittest Dog in the World, Adventure Dog

Monty (best dog in the world)

He’s this man’s best friend and always loves a big day out on the hill. He is the nemesis of the Marsden to Edale walk; he will do the Welsh 3000s and want to know what’s next; and if you’re not looking, he will magic away your lunch from your right hand. After a long day on the hill, he likes to join us in the pub, taking extra care to make sure all plates are returned to the kitchen squeaky clean!  When he’s not out on the hill keeping people’s spirits up, he works as my personal fitness trainer, making sure I’m putting in the miles in between the adventures! He’s also a dab hand on our Family Adventures, entertaining poor children whose parents are too mean to buy them their own dog.

Philippa Legon, too many qualifications and qualities to list!


Behind every great man is a great woman … Well, Philippa is my great woman! Before children (I remember those days), Philippa would grace all Will4Adventure weekends with her hardy spirit, good humour and most excellent baking! Nowadays, it’s just her baking we get, since Philippa will generally be found entertaining the brood back home. As well as providing legendary flap-jack for all who join us on our Free Walking Weekends, and constantly entertaining my ideas for our next family adventure, Philippa is also a super-hero working for the NHS as a hospital consultant. And when I don’t know the answer to one of your questions on one of our first aid courses – it’ll be her that I call!

What we do …

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