In a bid to get you fit, ready and psyched for the UOS Big Walk 2024, I have prepared for you these two training walks for you to try before the big day. Walking these routes before the big day will familiarise you with key parts of the route, and it will give you the perfect opportunity to get together with some of the other challengers whilst maybe gaining a bit of fitness. I really hope that you enjoy them!

Each walk comes with an open source map, an OS map, a GPX file for you to download and a set of written instructions, which alone, should be enough for you to navigate by.

image showing walkers on a guided walk in the Peak District National Park

Hathersage Training Walk – 18.5Km

Start point – Little John Hotel

Public transport from Sheffield: Rail or 271/272 bus

Distance: 18.5Km

Height gain: 364m

Estimated time: 5 hours

Best pub to finish at: The Scotsman’s Pack

GPX file for this walk here

Route Description

SK230 814 The Little John Hotel Head down Mill Lane so that the pub is on your left. Down the lane and continue under the railway bridge. Where the lane meets with Dore Lane (with Nether Hall Lodge on your right) turn right through the (open) wooden gates and down the surfaced track which is also a public footpath. Do not go right through the white gates for Nether Hall.  Signs about free-range hens and dogs on leads etc will soon prevail.  Continue along past the farm on your right and then onto the footpath proper, all the way to the road (B6001) about 1 mile on. At the road, cross it carefully (there’s your H&S brief) and onto the obvious path opposite, which is in fact a tarmac surface at this point. The river will be down to your right, and if you’re lucky the air will be rich with the aroma of wild-garlic! Stay on this path/road, until eventually you come to a house (Harper Lees), where the path leads you round to the right and into some fields. Follow this broad grassy path, whioch is well marked. The path continues along the valley floor now and will lead you into the woods where you will see a post offering you a short cut (left) to Grindleford Station: stay right at this post and keep to the valley with the river on your right until you reach the road.
SK245 779 St Helen’s Church Grindleford Just to the right of the church grounds is some sort of roadside gas storage/maintenance locker, and to the right of this is an obvious track/driveway that leads up hill. Follow this up hill for around 600m. When you come to a fork, head round to the left to enter the woods. At this stage, just avoid walking down anyone’s driveway or into any gardens and you’ll be fine. Anyway, into the woods (Haywood) and up an obvious path with a stonewall on your left. So far so good … When you get to the corner of the wall, continue directly up hill. You’ll see rotten post – follow the directions up hill as for the Grouse Inn. Where you come to a path junction and it looks more legitimate to head right instead of up an over-grown rut, head right. In essence you’re heading up and right until you see the cars at the top. When you get to the path just beneath the parked cars, follow this with the car park just above you on your right. You’ll then see a wall corner just up to your right. Follow the path so that the wall is on your right, and about 51m later there will be a gate that leads you diagonally up and across the fields in the direction of the Grouse Inn.
SK259 779 The Grouse Inn Turn left out of the pub, and walk about 100m along the road. The road will go down hill slightly, and then once you have crossed over a stream (under the road) turn right through a gate and onto the bridleway. You’ll see a NT sign saying White Edge Moor. Follow this obvious trail now up to White Edge Lodge. Once you reach the driveway for the lodge, follow this to the road.
SK268 789 Road junction B6054 with A625 When you get to the road, take great care crossing the road, taking extra care to check for traffic coming from your right around that bend. Cross over to the grassy island, and then again towards the white gate opposite that takes you into the Longshaw Estate proper. Stay on this obvious track, picking up a rocky slope up to your right, until half a mile later you see a gate that will lead you into the trees. Follow this now down past the main building and café (and more toilets). Past the main building, and then head along the tarmac driveway to the road at the end. Over the road and onto the bridleway opposite. About 300m later you will come to a fork. Take the path that peels off right back towards the A6187.
SK262 806 Road crossing Through the gate, and cross the road. You’ll probably see a few cars parked opposite, in a small parking space. Past these (they’ll be on your right), and through some more gates. You now walk around 2.5Km north along a broad sandy trail, picking up Burbage Edge to your right. As you get to the top of the trail, turn left back on yourself and cross two streams. (This is just before the main road at the top). You should now be heading in a southerly direction, headed for Higger Tor. Just as you reach the heights of Higger Tor, turn right down a well trod path, back towards the road, where there will be cars parked no doubt.
SK256 853 Crossing the Ringinglow Rd Over the road, through a gate and onto another footpath. Just a few meters in, turn left down hill. (If you are going up hill now, you didn’t turn left). This well trod path leads you down to a road, maybe 1 mile later. (You’ll also see Mitchell Field Farm down to your left. Turn left along the road, and follow this down for about 400m where you take a right turn, as if heading for Toothill Farm. Just before you reach the farm buildings you’ll spot a foot path leading you off left, obliquely across a field. You’ll end up on the far side of the fields with the farm up to your right now. Continue down the hedge-line, away from the farm, and eventually you’ll come to a small road. Turn left down this, and then left again continuing down Church Bank and then past (or maybe not) the Scotsman’s Pack (which in my opinion is the best pub in the village, and worth stopping for a celebratory drink at). From here’s it’s downhill back to your car, or the station for your train home!
Highland cattle at Baslow Edge in the Peak District

Baslow Training Walk – 22Km

Start point – Village Green, Baslow – by Nether End pay & display car park

Public transport from Sheffield: 218 bus

Distance: 22Km

Height gain: 450m

Estimated time: 6 hours

Best pub to finish at: The Wheatsheaf

GPX file for this walk here

Route Description

OS Grid Reference Description of location   Description of route to next check point
SK258 721 Public Conveniences, Baslow With public toilets behind you, cross over the village green and head up Eaton Road. (Try not to hum Eton Rifles by the Jam). To the top and turn right up Bar Road sign-posted as a dead-end. Follow this to the top, and stay on the main track. Past Wellington’s Monument on your right, handrailing a stone wall on your left. Maybe the Highland Cattle will be about – they are adorable, (and have no interest in you). This track leads you to a road. Almost directly opposite is a gate that leads you onto the moor on the other side of the road and wall.
SK276 741 Path crosses Clodhall Lane Through this gate, and head obliquely left along an obvious trail. About half a mile later it looks like there is an obvious fork in the trail. Here, turn right following a clear trail up-hill a while. Continue along this to a corner of a stone wall. The rocky path continues uphill slightly leaving the stone wall down to your left. You’re now on White Edge. Stay on this past the white trig point and also the curious stone cube (art?), both appearing on your right. Eventually you’ll come to a stone wall, and a weather-beaten sign post way-marking the path to the Grouse. Turn left here. And follow the path in the direction of the Grouse. When you meet the bridleway, steer left, into a field, through deep, wet mud, (no avoiding it), and then to the pub! (Too early in the day for a beer right now – you’ve only just started!)
SK259 779 The Grouse Inn Walk past the pub so that it is on your right, and then pass through the stile on the right, that leads you down hill through a grassy field. Head down to the woods. Once you cross through the gate at the bottom you’ll see cars parked there. Head over a bit to the left, follow a path so that the cars are parked up to your left, and then switch back right heading down hill. Some meters later, you’ll come to a path junction. Turn left steeply downhill. You’ll pick up a corner of a wall, and follow the path so that the wall is on your right. Follow the paths downhill until you come out onto a track that leads you down to St Helen’s Church, Grindleford.
SK245 779 St Helen’s Church Grindleford Turn left at the church and walk towards the traffic lights, and then turn left onto the public footpath just before these. You will see a sign post that directs you to Froggatt, Curbar, Calver … etc. Follow this path directly ahead (not the one to the right that handrails the wall).  Follow this path, over a stream and into the woods ahead Horse Hay Coppice. Through the woods, with the river down to your right, and then into some fields. Just follow the obvious path, and when it brings you to within 50m of an old stone (dilapidated) barn, follow the path round to the right slightly. Through another wall and then onto a path bounded by a wall/fence either side. This leads you into Froggatt.
SK244761 Froggatt When you get to the bridge on your right, continue ahead on the road until you see a dog poo bin on your right, by a gate, that will lead you to the riverside path. Pick up this path so that the river is still on your right. Follow this to the end, where you will be greeted with a fork in the path. It honestly doesn’t  matter which you take, but my preference is the right fork, since this avoids about 5m of roadway up above. Cross the road, and continue following the riverside path so that the river is still on your right. The path eventually brings you obliquely onto Dukes Drive. Turn right onto the road and continue to the pub, the Bridge Inn.
SK247745 Curbar Bridge Right turn, over the bridge and immediately look for the footpath (subway) opposite. Follow this down along the underpass and out past the houses and into the fields beyond with the river down to your left. About 300m later you’ll come to a stone wall. Take the right turn here, so that you are now walking away from the river and the wall is on your right and a few meters later, a fence on your left. Through a stile, across the field and head for the metal gate just left of the houses you see ahead. Down this path and cross over the muddy track, keeping the houses on your right, with hedgerows either side. If you haven’t got lost you’re now at Main Street.
SK243745 Main Street, Calver Turn left along Main St, past the prominent Methodist Church on your right. As the road rises, and bends round to the right, look out for Pennine Cottage on the right, and the footpath off to the left. (There’s a sign post on the wall at about thigh height, “Public Footpath to Bubnall”). Follow this path for about 20m, turn right, and then follow it to the left. (Try your best not to walk into somebody’s back garden). Between the two posts and into a field. Walk with the fence on your right. To a moss-covered wall, left turn and then a quick right turn. Follow the path for about 100m and at a junction of paths turn left, into a field and up the hill. You’ll see a dilapidated wall down to your left, follow that to it’s corner and then on and up in the same direction. Up up up and at the boundary of the copse you’ll come to a stile with wooden fence on its left and a wire fence on its right. Through this and follow the yellow marker arrows to the top of the hill, well almost…
SK242740 Hill top, Bramley Wood Just before the very top of the hill, you’ll see a footpath off to right, take this. (Do not go to the very edge of the woodline and through a stile into an open field). Do follow the path that is to your right, continuing slightly UP HILL, with a fence on your left. Along this path for half a mile, and then cross Bramley Lane. Just to the left you’ll see the trail continues, and very shortly you come to a five bar wooden gate. Just here pass through the gate to your left and continue along the footpath with the wall on your left. Enjoy this ridge-top path all the way now to School Lane, which is 1 mile later.
SK232723 School Lane Turn left and head down the hill now for about half a mile and turn left where you see a post marking a public footpath. The post points you in a direction through the field. At first you won’t see where this is leading, but as you quickly gain the upper convex slope, you’ll see that it leads to the far right hand corner. Continue down hill for further two fields keeping the fence/wall on your left at all times. You’ll then come to a wall across your front with an obvious path leading left. Steer right however, and round the corner of the wall heading down hill, again keeping the wall on your left. Down hill and down to a path between houses and on to the bridge in Baslow that spans the Derwent.


Bridge in Baslow that spans the Derwent Over the bridge onto the main road, the A623. (Note there is a CoOp just to your left, just in case you’re feeling peckish!) Turn right on the road, and cross the road just where you see a traffic island. Continue along the road now, on its left side (this is the safest way avoiding road crossings). Half a mile later or so, you’ll pass the Cavendish Hotel. Just after this you’ll return to the walk’s start.