Walk it or Run it – 100Km in 1 day to Raise £100K

17th June 2023

Covering 100Km along ‘Britain’s oldest road’ this demanding walk takes you through two areas of outstanding natural beauty (AONB) and visits numerous archaeological sites including Avebury stone circle, white horse carvings and bronze age forts.

The route starts in Pewsey and ends in Reading Town Centre (close to the central train station and bus station). The challenge is to see how far you can go along this 100KM route in 24 hours!

Take on 100Km of this superb National Trail in the heart of England, walking the Ridgeway from Pewsey to Reading. This immense challenge will push you to your limit! (It could also be emotional!)

The Ridgeway Challenge 2023 in aid of Chapter2

Wherever you stop: we’ll pick you up. How far will you go?

The 100Km Ridgeway Challenge 2023 is a continuous sponsored walk – with no opportunities for sleeping, or for separate team members to walk separate stages – it is purely a case of walk … as far as your legs will take you! With regular marshals and support drivers you have the option to walk as far as you can up to the maximum of 100Km inside 24 hours.

To that end pick up points will be located along the route. After dark, we will ask all participants to continue in small teams (minimum pairs).

When and where?

This event will commence in Pewsey at the railway station on Saturday 17th June 2023 at 0945. It will finish in Reading on Sunday 18th June at 10am … or when walkers can walk no further – whichever happens first!

This map is for you to get an idea of where your route goes – but it is not so good for navigating by on the day! (A GPX file is below). The route has a ‘few’ hills along the way, though nothing too steep and it follows footpaths, bridleways, byways, and some roads too. The walk should be easily navigated and will be an absolute joy to follow.

Marshals will be located along the way to help point you in the right direction – though the route is well way-marked. We will also be providing all participants with a route-card for the event. Having quick access to it on your smart phone on the day will also help since many key locations are hyper-linked to online maps.

Walk the Ridgeway 2023

GPX file for the full round can be downloaded here

Event route-card can be downloaded here

You can view the entire route on Google My Maps here

Why get behind Chapter2?

“76% of young people in custody had an absent father” (Source, Centre for Social Justice)

Chapter2 believe passionately that every boy should have a good man to guide him into adulthood and so their aim is to provide a male mentor and a community of men for boys growing-up without a father. It is arguably the single one thing we can do to improve the life opportunities of boys without fathers. Learn more here.

Entry Fee

The cost of entry for this year’s event will be £95. This fee will include:

  • Route notes (emailed)
  • Refreshments along the route
  • Hot meal at the halfway location
  • Vehicle & first aid support

But we hope you will fundraise too …

This is an exclusive event to raise funds for Chapter2 and all participants will have a target to raise £1000. Participant spaces on this event are limited and so only individuals committed to raising funds should book. Chapter2 reserves the right to cancel any bookings in the event that no reasonable endeavours have been made to raise funds. After booking on this event, each participant will be allocated a personal JustGiving fundraising page and will be contacted by Chapter2 who will offer support on how best to raise funds.

If you can raise £1000, that will be truly awesome! But, raise £2000, and this will be enough to provide a fatherless boy with a fully trained, assessed, supported and supervised long-term male mentor for one year.

What do I need to bring?

One of the great things about this event is that anyone can sign up for it and take on this challenge. You don’t need walking boots or any expensive kit.


Small day-sack
Waterproof coat
Sun hat
Comfortable footwear
Personal 1st aid kit
1.5 litres of fluid
Packed lunch plus plenty of snacking food
Torch for the hours of darkness
Fully-charged phone

Good to have

Walking shoes / approach shoes
Headtorch with fresh batteries
Walking poles
Foot powder
Spare socks

Don’t bring/wear

Cotton shirt
Wellington boots
Timberland boots

Learn more here:

A personal first-aid kit should include any personal medication and blister plasters. More ideas of what you could be carrying in your first aid kit can be found here.

Event Support

This entire event will only work with the help of volunteers. We are also looking for kind souls to fill these jobs:

* drivers to ferry people back to rendezvous points (day and night shifts)
* stationary marshals to check people through the check points

Let us know if you are willing and able to help us out and please do ask around if you know anyone that may also be able to help. Your assistance will be vital, and we assure you, you will totally enjoy being a part of the team on this great day. Think you can help us out? Please contact us using the form on the right. We will be hugely grateful.

Some Rules … 

Participants must follow the route as described in the route card.
All participants need to make it to the half way station inside 12 hours and to Goring (85Km) by 0700 on the Sunday morning in order to continue beyond those points.
Unless agreed beforehand, walkers will not be allowed to walk along the River Thames section during the hours of darkness, alone.
Please be exceptionally polite to everyone supporting this event: they’re a volunteer giving up their time to make this day happen.

The sun sets on the Ridgeway