Guided Scrambling in Eyri (Snowdonia) & the Lake District

For those of you with a good head for heights, guided scrambling days and weekends in the mountains of Eyril, the Lake District and Scotland offer an exhilarating way to ascend the peaks offering high airy views and plenty of excitement. Perfect for seasoned walkers or aspirant adventurers!

Guided Mountain Scrambling on Bristly Ridge

guided scrambling in Snowdonia on Bristly Ridge

What scrambles do we offer?

Pretty much any, and at all grades. We lead guided scrambling weekends and days in Eyri (Snowdonia) in North Wales and also the Lake District. We have a wonderful selection of routes on ridges and gullies to suit all weathers. Possible routes include:

Eyri (Snowdonia)

  • A traverse of Crib Goch and Crib Y Ddysgl
  • Bochclwyd Horseshoe (North Ridge of Tryfan, Bristly Ridge and The Gribin)
  • Crib Lem – the Llech Ddu Spur
  • Y Gribin and a traverse of Y Lliwedd
  • Nantlle Ridge
  • North Ridge Tryfan

The Lake District

  • Striding Edge
  • Stickle Ghyll & Jack’s Rake
  • Sharp Edge
  • Pinnacle Ridge on St Sunday Crag
  • Corvus on Raven Crag
  • The Bell & the Old Man of Coniston

Guided scrambling high on Jacks Rake in the Lake District

Team pictured with classic grade 1 scramble Striding Edge in the background

How much do these days cost?

For grade 1 only scrambling days we charge £180 for up to two people, plus £40pp thereafter to a maximum of 4 people. We may be able to cater for slightly larger groups (to a maximum of six) but this will depend on your previous experience and also the routes you particularly wish to do.

For days that may include the harder and more committing routes at grade 2 and grade 3, we charge £220 for a 1:1 day, or £260 for 2 people. Again, depending on your experience and what you wish to gain from these days, we may be able to work with groups of three, but this would need discussing first.

Buy two or more consecutive days and we’ll give you a discount. Get in touch, let us know what you might like to do and when, and we’ll see what we can offer you!

Guided scrambling on Striding Edge, Lake District

scrambling on Crib Goch in Snowdonia

What previous experience do I need to go scrambling?

Anyone that has had previous experience walking and hiking in the mountains and who has a steady head for heights is welcome to join us for our guided scrambles and scrambling days. No previous scrambling experience is needed, and there is no better way to start than with a qualified guide.

Scrambling on the north ridge of Tryfan, Snowdonia

image showing people scrambling on the airy Llech Du Spur in Snowdonia

Can kids come too?

Definitely! Scrambling is the BEST way to get to the top of a mountain. It’s an adventure that allows for lots of excitement interspersed with plenty of rests: it’s ideal for all kids. Also, age isn’t a factor so much as their fitness. An active 7 year old will manage most grade 1 scrambles without too much difficulty and have the ultimate boast to say that they literally “climbed a mountain”!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is scrambling?
Scrambling is using your hands on rock holds, as well as your feet, to ascend the steep ground of a mountain or hill. While you will need a head for heights, you won’t need any technical rock climbing skills or previous climbing experience. It is almost easier to describe what it isn’t. It isn’t just hill walking, it isn’t rock climbing. Scrambling lies in that grey area between hill walking and rock climbing. It is where you head out to the mountains equipped for a day of walking, but you look for lines to the tops that will allow for some clambering and climbing on the rocks – but hopefully nothing too hard.In short, scrambling is exciting, it’s airy, it’s exposed, it’s exhilarating, and most of all it’s simply a GREAT way to ascend a mountain.  Read more here

I’ve never done this before: what’s a good route to start on?
Good routes to start on are those that are not overly committing and that are easy to escape from. (So if it really isn’t for you, you can escape!) Here are some suggested routes for complete novices:

Stickle Ghyll in the Lake District is a super starter scramble. It follows a stream bed and the moves progressively get more technical, but all the time there is a path to your side. If you really enjoy this it’s then easy to tag on Jack’s Rake to really make a day of it!

Striding Edge is an infamous Lake District ridge that leads to the summit of Helvellyn. In reality it really is a very pleasant and exciting ascent of a great mountain. There is a path just below for most of the way, so again you’re never overly committed. And if you enjoy the way up, you can then descend via Swirral Edge, another grade 1 scramble.

In North Wales we would recommend routes such as the Y Gribin ridge and a traverse of Y Lliwedd, or the Nantle Ridge.

Do I need strong upper body strength?
No you don’t – if you’re working your upper body that much you’re doing something wrong. On all our scrambling days and courses we always take time to show you the appropriate technique. But – you do usually need good hill legs – especially for longer days that link up various scrambles along the way.

Do I need any specialist kit for scrambling?
No you don’t – just wear what you would sensibly need for any mountain day. If you are doing grade 2 or 3 routes with us you will need a helmet and harness – though these can be provided by us free of charge.

Where do we stay on these weekends?
Once we get your booking we will forward all information including where and when we meet up plus all local accommodation which you will need to book yourself and usually includes camping, the local YHA and all the B&Bs.

image of sign warning of danger of scrambling on Crib Goch

Participation Agreement

Scrambling is exciting, intoxicating and liberating. But it should also be noted that scrambling as with all outdoor pursuits, carries an inherent risk of injury and death, which cannot be eliminated. You must accept that although we do our utmost to reduce any risks to an acceptable level, there are chances of accidents happening. Furthermore plans may be changed on our weekends and courses to take into account local and environmental conditions such as the weather.

Hire Your Own Guide For a Day

Wherever you’re planning to go, we would be delighted to guide you on your own guided scrambling adventure anywhere in the UK: be it the Lake District, Snowdonia or Scotland. Below we have listed some personal favourites.

Contact us with your preferred date(s) and we’ll get back to you asap with all the details.