Get Hard Core on your Hard Tail

I often read on social media how people limit their mountain biking, because their mountain bike is ‘just’ a hard tail. Really!?

Back in the 90’s before I even knew it was called the Beast (call me old), I remember racing down this classic Peak District test-piece on my Marin Bear Valley, and that didn’t even have front fork suspension! I guess there’s a lot to be said for youth, a fearless spirit and a modicum of skill!

So for all of you who feel like the poor relation to the party, riding your hard-tails out on the hills, I say to you: ride PROUD! On 95% of UK trails, a hard-tail does not need to be a limiting factor to your mountain biking. Keep your head up, keep it calm, choose your line, think about your riding and you too can enjoy the miles with the smiles!

(And then there are the ascents … Riding that hard tail will always out-perform a full sus mountain bike, it’s lighter and with less bounce, it’s more efficient too). Get out there and find your hard core on your hard tail.

Will’s bike

I ride an On One Scandal 29″ hard tail mountain bike and I love it. I bought this bike because I wanted a bike that I could throw around the local trails, that came with a half decent spec, but simultaneously wouldn’t break the bank. As mountain bikes go, it’s not a feather-weight, but it’s lighter than many full sus bikes, the spec on it is brilliant for the price and that lack of rear suspension is one less thing to pay to maintain.

There’s not been one day that I haven’t loved riding my bike, and more than once I have overtaken youths (you know people less than 40) on their full sus bikes carefully making their way down the hill. This is not a post to say that full sus bikes aren’t great (because they are), but to say to all you fellow hard-tailers – get out and ride them trails, because your bike certainly can!