Since 2006 we’ve helped hundreds of people overcome their fear of heights

Suspension bridges, ski lifts and ski slopes, easy rock scrambles, high walks, covered walkways, escalators on the London Underground, unfamiliar staircases, the London Eye, stadiums and theatres … Which of these preys on your fear of heights and is stopping you from fully taking part in a natural life? Don’t be held back any longer by your fear of heights. Help is at hand with this unique and powerful course combining therapy indoors with graduated exercises outdoors … (And now featured in Trail Magazine too – SEE HERE!)

Day 2 of our Overcome Your Fear of Heights – outdoor exercises in the Peak District

Image showing three people enjoying an activity on Will4Adventure Fear of Heights course

Course Location: Peak District National Park, Derbyshire

Price per person: £210 for two days
(not including accommodation)
Leader/client ratio: 1:4

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Dates of courses coming up:

18th/19th September 2021
13th/14th November 2021
12th/13th March 2022
21st/22nd April 2022
21st/22nd May 2022

Overcome Your Fear of Heights £210 – Book Your Place Here

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Not sure? Got some questions? Call Will directly on 07791860163. In the event that our hands are tied up please do leave a message and we’ll get right back to you as soon as we can.

I cannot recommend Will4adventure highly enough. I was nervous at heights, but now I consider myself a novice climber (which is surreal for me!) Will and his team are incredibly skilled and hugely professional, and perhaps more importantly their enthusiasm for being outdoors and at height is infectious! Wherever you are in terms of skill (petrified of heights or an experienced climber) and whatever you are aiming for (escalators with ease or a full-on mountain climb) you will be able to achieve your goals without any pressure, thanks to the infinite patience and dedication of Will and his team. I will be booking more one to one sessions and a family adventure day is also hopefully on the agenda so I can share my new skills/hobby. Thanks Will!!

I have just done the fear of heights course and it was absolutely amazing. I did so many things that I thought were impossible. Brian’s session in the morning was really good and I went into the afternoon calm. Jamie and Adam were brilliant they were encouraging and calming. They explained everything and gave you as much time as you needed to have a go. The way it builds up so you just push yourself a little bit more is good and when you have reached your limit that is ok . The group of people I was on the course with were excellent everybody was encouraging and helped each other. When I reached the top of the climb on the Sunday I felt capable of anything. Thank you so much Jamie, Adam and Brian. I will be back to do some more climbing.

I have just returned from the fear of heights course. It really was a great experience. The morning with Brian was very informative and I will be having a closer look at NLP and EFT.
The practical exercises with Will and Adam had me doing things I would have never done prior to this! Will managed the process in a very encouraging, step by step way- he said we might all reach a ‘no go’ point- and I did but I only have positive memories! The picture on the profile is me getting to the top of the final climb! You can’t imagine my relief and the sense of achievement will be a lasting memory.
Well done to the other guys and big thanks to Will and Adam- great fun and a pleasure to meet you all.

A huge thanks to Will, Adam and Brian for your leadership, encouragement and inspiration! It was an amazing weekend, despite the extreme weather, and i know I’ll be able to draw on the skills and techniques we learnt when i next have to overcome my fear! Can recommend this course to anyone who is finding their fear of heights is stopping them doing what they want to do!

Thanks for a memorable weekend. Since getting home a frenzy of googling has highlighted some skiing related articles and a book that follow and overlap with the same principles as the course. It’s good to finally have a more focused path to follow that I feel I can believe in and  I would never have got that starting point without the course. So a big thank you again to you and Adam and Brian.

What do we do on this course to help you overcome your fear of heights?

This is a gradual process and it does not force you to do anything you don’t want to or that you’re not happy to do.

The fear of heights course begins with an indoor session looking at why you have a fear of heights and at re-writing the film script that runs through your mind each time you are faced with the scenario. To overcome your acrophobia, (fear of heights), you need to program your unconscious mind with a healthy level of wariness and then use that wariness to replace your irrational terror. This first stage uses the hugely successful process of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

Anyone else running this therapy would end the treatment there. Thank you very much and good luck …

Not with us – this is just the beginning and this is why our fear of heights course is unique. Following this first stage we now head outdoors and start again: this time using a practical approach of phased exercises we develop your trust and confidence in your leader, your equipment, your skills and then … in yourself.

This course will aim to achieve its objectives through three phases

Phase 1 – (Morning of day 1). A session of Neuro Linguistic Programming with Brian who is our
specialist therapist in this field.

Phase 2 – (Afternoon of day 1) – out to the Peak District. By this stage your unconscious mind
will have made vast progress, but on a conscious level you won’t be so sure. We use a
system of graduated activities outside to demonstrate to you how far you have now come.

Phase 3 – (Day 2). This phase further consolidates upon your progress and we continue to
offer you opportunities to gain positive experiences at height.

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Still not sure or a little bit worried about joining us for our Overcome Your Fear of Heights course? It’s totally natural and fine to feel that way. Email or feel free to call Will directly on 07791 860 163 with any questions or concerns: we are always happy to help.

Private bookings can be taken for this course. Contact us with your preferred date(s) that suit you and the numbers and we’ll get back to you asap with all the details

Overcome Your Fear of Heights – Book Your Place Here

Please be sure to read the booking conditions

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“I want to thank you again for an excellent weekend. I actually had quite a lump in my throat on Sunday evening on thinking that I wouldn’t see that group again, as we’d all been through a unique and powerful experience. I think yours and Brian’s fear of heights course is brilliant and on Sunday in particular I felt full of confidence and now can’t wait to do more . . .”
– Stephen N. (More reviews on TripAdvisor here).