Since 2010 Will4Adventure has been a leading provider of Immediate Temporary Care (ITC) first aid courses offering a selection of excellent hands-on first aid training that will take you from the office to the wilderness. We regularly run courses in the Peak District, Sheffield, Surrey and occasionally, Kent too. We’re now looking to hire new trainers. But … we’re not really interested in hiring people we don’t know, or who don’t really do things the way we do them.

Quality control is a core value in all the courses and adventures we run (see the online reviews on us). So we’re looking for individuals who are keen outdoor enthusiasts (ideally current outdoor professionals who hold various NGB awards) that we can train up to become first aid trainers.

Who can be a first aid trainer?

It’s frightening, but pretty much anyone can set up as a first aid trainer. All you need is to have a First Aid at Work certificate and be a qualified teacher* of some sort. Yep – that’s it. One first aid course, and one teaching award and you can be in business. But there are also lots of really poor trainers out there that run really poor (and yawn, boring) courses, who just tell you everything they know, expecting you to be impressed.

To be a first aid trainer for us though you must have the following:

  • a current First Aid at Work certificate
  • completed an Advanced Outdoor First Aid course at some point in your life
  • have a current ITC Outdoor First Aid certificate
  • qualified teacher (and assessor) status (see note below on L3 AET)
  • bags of outdoor experience with at least one outdoor qualification to back this up
  • bags of experience running first aid courses (we’ll provide this)

Obviously you should also be someone that enjoys teaching / training others and generally like people too! It helps.

*The Level 3 Award in Education and Training costs around £200 and can be completed online inside a few months.

What does it cost?

We’re going to be spending a lot of time helping you to become a GREAT first aid trainer. (Ultimately we hope you will be running our courses). The whole process can take 6 to 12 months and that’s 6 – 12 months of us mentoring you through the process, starting with a three day induction course. It’s a lot of hard work for you – and us. With this in mind, we charge £960 for our part in this process. But, we’ll be transparent with you here, this is more than just becoming a first aid trainer, this is really about investing in a business, your own business. So there are other costs to factor in …

What does the course fee include?

The whole process starts with a three day induction course. In essence this will teach you what we do on our courses, and why we do it. You will need a First Aid at Work qualification, and also an Advanced Outdoor First Aid qualification. These two can cost you in the region of £350 alone – but these qualifications will be included in the whole process, so you won’t need to pay anything extra for those. Finally, the whole process will involve up to 12 months of us mentoring you through the process. (If you’re really keen, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be running courses inside 6 months or less). This basically involves joining our courses and slowly learning to deliver all the lessons. For a breadth of experience we’ll also get you onto some of our competitors’ courses so that you gain wider experience, but also get to network yourself for future employment opportunities.

How much will I earn as a first aid trainer?

Good question! At the very least, for running a 6 hour training day (Emergency First Aid at Work for example) you can expect to earn a minimum of £150 per day. For trainers that run Outdoor First Aid courses, the pay is closer to £180+ per day, depending on who you work for.

In the region of the Peak District and Sheffield there are three ITC centres who are great providers of Outdoor First Aid and who are well established in the industry. If you learn to become to a first aid trainer with us, then they will also want to offer you work. The same is true for trainers that train in the south and the London area where there are lots of great ITC providers who will want to employ trainers trained and mentored by us.

And of course, the work isn’t dependent on the seasons – there’s plenty of work throughout the year.

You may at some point wish to set up independently …

If you only work as a freelance instructor many of these expenses really need not apply. If however you are looking to set up as an independent centre running your own courses then these costs should also be considered:

  • website – £2000+
  • 6 mannequins – £1000 – £2000
  • 6 x AED trainers – £300 – £800
  • smart TV – £150
  • flip chart – £90
  • misc first aid kit – £100

Then, once you are in business you are well advised to join an awarding body, (we’re ITC providers). An awarding body is the umbrella organisation that helps you along, provides the manuals and the certificates and who generally help you through the minefield of regulations out there. This is not a free service, but then as a freelance instructor it won’t be something to worry about.

Take some time and have a think

It’s a big deal, not cheap and not easy. So have a think, and if you want, drop me a line or fire me an email. I’d be more than happy to answer any questions.