Will4Adventure Ltd is directed by William Legon and this is a contract between Will4Adventure Ltd and freelance staff to be employed by Will4Adventure Ltd.

Will4Adventure Ltd employs suitably experienced and/or qualified staff for all activities. Freelance staff should ensure they are operating within the remit of their experience and/or the relevant award and clarify any aspect of the contracted work they are unsure about before the work commencement date.

Pay Scale

Pay varies according to the work contracted for and according to the qualifications of freelance staff.

Please note that travel and accommodation expenses are not paid unless agreed in advance.

Obligations of contract
  1. Work is offered to freelance staff first on a provisional basis. At this stage we ask that you take no other offers of work without giving Will4Adventure first refusal.
  2. Once work is explicitly confirmed, the Freelancer will be paid the agreed rate regardless of whether or not the work goes ahead.
  3. Once work is explicitly confirmed, Will4Adventure will require the Freelancer to attend the work agreed and if the Freelancer cancels the work they may expect to be liable for consequential losses to Will4Adventure.
  4. Where work is cancelled by Will4Adventure four weeks or less before the commencement of any given job, it is considered good form, though not mandatory, for the freelancer to look for/accept work elsewhere and if possible to cancel the job and expectation of payment. Where any alternative work is found and it pays less than the agreed contract with Will4Adventure, then Will4Adventure will cover the balance.
  5. Where work is cancelled by Will4Adventure four weeks or less before the commencement of any given job, and Will4Adventure offer a similar replacement job in the same geographical area for the same rate, Will4Adventure reserve the right to only pay the freelance staff if they agree to take that new role.
  6. It is preferred that all Will4Adventure Ltd freelance staff are members of a professional association (AMI, BMG, BAIML, MTA etc) and be up to date with the relevant associations' CPD requirements.
  7. Freelance staff are recommended to have their own insurance.
  8. When contracted to work with Will4Adventure Ltd freelance staff are at all times working with our clients. Under no circumstances will freelance staff attempt to make contact with Will4Adventure Ltd clients or arrange additional work without the express written agreement of William Legon beforehand.
  9. Freelance staff must forward copies of their qualifications, insurance (where applicable) and first aid certificate to Will4Adventure Ltd before work commences. Updates should be forwarded as necessary and it is the freelancer’s responsibility to ensure Will4Adventure Ltd has up to date copies.
  10. It is the responsibility of freelance staff to ensure that any technical equipment they provide is fit for purpose and meets any PPE/CE regulations.
  11. Freelance staff are responsible for their own tax and national insurance contributions. By signing this contract you agree to take responsibility for paying due tax and NICs to HMRC.
  12. No work will be allocated or payments made until Will4Adventure Ltd receives a completed contract and copies of qualifications and other relevant documents as detailed above.

When invoicing please format your email with a professionally written invoice attached with invoice date, name of event and total amount owed.

Invoices are usually paid with 24 hours of submission. If they are not paid within 48 hours, please feel free to badger, bother and mither Will Legon directly until payment has been made!

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