Eight Reasons to Book The Welsh 3000s Challenge with Will4Adventure

14 Peaks, 30 Miles, 14,000 Feet of ascent . . . 1 Weekend

I first completed a round of the Welsh 3000s when I was 24 as a school teacher. The day went on FOREVER and most of the students bailed out along the way, and while we could have done it better, I LOVED it. And because I knew it was such a great adventure, it has always been something Will4Adventure have offered.

And quite possibly – we’re the BEST team for guiding you on the Welsh 3000s Challenge. Here’s eight stonkingly good reasons why…

Evening light on the Carneddau

Image showing team on the summit of Carnedd Llewellyn on the Welsh 3000s Challenge

1. We’ve been doing it a LONG time …

Back in the day … it was in about 2006 that I first sold this event commercially through Will4Adventure, and that was for me a huge learning experience. I had a team of around 5 or 6 clients signed up and it was a roasting hot weekend. I had my mate doing the logistics support, who thought it would be a good idea to bring his young family along with him. By the time we’d descended down from the Snowdon group, famished and ready for breakfast, his kids had drunk all the milk I’d bought. My first-ever lesson learned was to never ask a mate to do a favour, when a job needs to be done professionally.

And since then, I can promise you we have learned so many lessons that can make the difference between success and failure, regardless of your fitness or ability…

If you want a job doing properly …
(Welsh 3000s Support Team 2006)

image showing two very happy boys supporting our Welsh 3000s Challenge in 2006

2. We know the route like the back of our hand

We know which variation of the route works best. This applies to every single stage: the order we complete the Snowdon group; how we descend down to Nant Peris; how we descend off Tryfan; how we ascend Pen Yr Ole Wen; how we tackle the middle of the Carneddau and how we get back to the waiting support vehicle waiting at the end.

More than just knowing what makes for the best route, we also know what makes for the safest descent routes should there be an emergency, where we have phone reception, and where we won’t. When times get hairy, it’s these little details that make a difference.

3. We’re not elitist

And this point alone, makes us unique. I look through what our competitors offer. We offer you the Welsh 3000s Challenge, to be completed in 24 hours. And, with the right preparation, support and leadership, the chances are you can do that. Looking at the suggested time-scales of our competitors, we see that actually they’re offering a challenge that they’re aiming to have completed inside 14 hours! The question you have to ask is, what if I’m not up to such a blistering pace? (I suspect that I know their answer).

4. We offer an event that caters for walkers and runners too

There’s nothing worse than walking at the wrong pace for you. That goes both ways: you don’t want to be going too fast, and you don’t want to be going too slow. On our events, first we learn a bit about what your experience is, and where you’re at. With that information we have a slightly staggered start to the day. But from the word Go, the groups remain fluid.

As you complete the first three mountains, you descend to Nant Peris for breakfast. From here we then ascend Elidir Fawr en masse. The first 5 or 6 challengers to the top are clearly fit and fast. They get one of our racing snakes assigned to them, and off they go. Then from there the next two groups up have their own designated leader walking at a pace right for them. And again, people can often change groups once again in the Ogwen valley before the Carneddau.

This flexible approach helps us best meet your needs, should you be a seasoned fell-runner or simply a keen hill-walker.

On the summit of Carnedd Llewellyn at 10pm – with another 3 hours still to go

image showing a team of walkers resting on the summit of Carnedd Llewellyn on the Welsh 3000s Challenge

5. We stagger our guides on and off through the day

We’ve also learned that guides who try to lead the whole event themselves tend to have their eye on the clock, and won’t give of their best. For you to get the best from our guiding team, each leader only leads two of the three legs. Apart from anything else it’s a safety consideration. It means the guy or girl who is leading you through the night over the Carneddau with the weather closing in, is rested and is best able to make the right decisions. But also, because they’re not knackered, they have the energy to see the job through, and to help keep you motivated.

6. Our guiding team are also really nice people …

Let’s face it, you’re going to be walking with these people for a long time. It’s important that these people have a smile on their face and enjoy doing what they do. They need to have something to offer you beyond good technical ability to help get you through the miles. But also, when needed, you will see how their training and years of experience comes into play in supporting you through the spicier moment that can occur on this challenge.

The dinner crew all ready and waiting in the Ogwen Valley
(The Welsh 3000s Challenge 2014)

image showing support team for the Welsh 3000s Challenge

7. Great support

We don’t cut corners in looking after you on the ground in between the mountain groups. This is why we provide for you two great meals: breakfast and a cooked dinner. (I don’t know anyone else who offers two proper cooked meals for their clients). For breakfast people get offered bacon and egg butties, plus cereal. We don’t just offer tea and coffee, but real coffee! If you’re a vegan – no problem – let us know and we’ll provide a menu that is plant-based only. Can’t eat flour – that’ll be fried potatoes, eggs and beans for you then. If you’re a Type 1 diabetic, we’ll even count the carbs so you don’t need to. In short we’re here to support you: if you’re not eating properly you’ll never make it through the day.

8. We now run our event mid-week (what!?)

But why would we run this challenge on a Monday!? I know, it seems mad: it will probably mean we don’t sell as as many places and we’ll make less money. But we have noticed that our national parks are becoming increasingly crowded on weekends. This means the hills are less fun to be in, and the local infrastructure just doesn’t cope. By doing this on a weekday means that the hills will offer us far more solitude, and also it makes it easier for you when it comes to booking accommodation. Plus the local businesses get a better spread of business. We’re taking a gamble, but we hope it’s a decision that works all round!

Awful weather – but a happy team on the Welsh 3000s Challenge (2017)

image showing walkers taking part on the Welsh 3000s Challenge on a very wet day

Taking on the Welsh 3000s Challenge …

… in short, it’s bloody hard. It’s definitely up there as possibly one of the toughest UK hill walking and mountain challenges you could possibly choose to do. So, if you’re looking to take on this mighty day, choose wisely as to who you look for to support you through the day. And finally, I suspect that our prices aren’t the most expensive either! (Best for value provider too maybe!)

Welsh 3000s 24Hr Challenge – The King of Challenges!

Monday 9th June 2025

Join us for 2025’s event … Climbing all 14 of Wales’ mountains in one day.

“Many thanks for organizing this challenge for us. It was a huge team effort and having completed the event I now feel I understand a little more about the scale of the planning and the number of support staff involved. Not only the guides but also the base crew were so friendly, helpful and supportive. You have a great team and should be very proud of them all. Well done and please pass on my thanks.” Steven Law 

Doing the Welsh 3000s in a single day is one of Britain’s toughest 24 hour challenge walks requiring fitness, stamina and a certain kind of mindset: it makes the “Three Peaks” a mere training exercise for the boys. Saturday morning will start at 0400 commencing our day’s challenge with the infamous Crib Goch. This will be the first of our fourteen Welsh 3000s . . .

Price per person:

  • Fresh leaders for different phases
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Transport and logistic support locally in the area

… and if you manage to complete this mighty challenge inside one magnificent journey and taking no more than 24 hours you’ll be eligible for a certificate. For details of this and how to join the list of finishers see www.14peaks.com.

Note: You need good fitness, mental robustness and a good head for heights too.

Welsh 3000s – Two Day Challenge Event

10th/11th June 2024

Broken down over two days and with the right weather, this can be an easier option than trying it all inside one day but beware, covering this distance in a weekend still remains a tough nut to crack!

Outline Plan

Day 1 – up at about 0400 – have a quick snack – depart Nant Peris at about 0410 – and get cracking at the first mountain group starting with Crib Goch. Once the first three summits have been ticked off you will descend to Nant Peris where we will provide you with breakfast before the team commence the next phase: a traverse of the Glyderau.

Day 2 – up a bit later – finish the challenge with a traverse of the Carneddau! You’ll be picked up at the end point and delivered back to your car.

Price per person: £224

  • Leader : client ratio not exceeding 1:6
  • Breakfast in Nant Peris on day 1
  • Transport and logistic support locally in the area

Note: You need good fitness, mental robustness and a good head for heights too.

Private bookings for groups of 4 or more can be taken for this challenge event. Contact us with your preferred date(s) that suit you and the numbers and we’ll get back to you asap with all the details.

On the summit of Snowdon

Stu and Susan on the summit of Snowdon in Snowdonia, Wales

Welsh 3000s – Three Day Challenge Event

For this weekend we will trek the route of the Welsh 3000s by breaking it down into three natural legs: the Carneddau, the Glyderau and finally the Snowdon massif incorporating the infamous traverse of Crib Goch (not suitable for people with a fear of heights).

Price per person: £254

  • Leader : client ratio not exceeding 1 : 6
  • Transport and logistic support locally in the area

Note: You need good fitness, mental robustness and a good head for heights too.

Private bookings can be taken for this trek. Contact us with your preferred date(s) that suit you and the numbers and we’ll get back to you asap with all the details.

32 legal executives from CRS Law join us for the Welsh 3000s Challenge

image showing a corporate client enjoying the Welsh 3000s challenge with Will4Adventure whilst scrambling on Crib Goch in Snowodnia

Corporate / Team bookings

Far less driving and far more challenge than the Three Peaks: the Welsh 3000s Challenge is the perfect team charity event that can be done in a day … or two … or three according to the experience and fitness of your team. Please note however – if this challenge is undertaken in its entirety a good head for heights will be needed!

Dates can be arranged privately for groups of seven or more – though we recommend May and June as being the best time to do this. Simply contact us with your preferred date(s) that suit you and the numbers and we’ll get back to you asap with all the details.

“You and your team’s organisation of the event was superb and much appreciated.  The guides who led my groups at various stages of the weekend (Tim, Rob and Adam), were absolutely first class, Tim and Adam each coping in just the right way with a team member who needed some attention.  It was great to be with guides who were prepared to ramp up the pace at various stages of the weekend.  They also helped to make the event fun and interesting, which is so important for something like this.  Sarah was brilliant too, dishing up an amazing meal in the campsite and being (and keeping us all!) cheerful and chilled throughout the weekend, despite the complicated logistics.  The arrangements worked like clockwork. 

 There are lots of very happy, although some aching and some a bit sunburnt(!), CRS staff today, riding on the memories of a wonderful weekend in Wales!” Charles Russell Speechlys LLP

“Hi Will, I was just composing an email to you and the team J. We are all indeed now home and dry (literally). Thank you so much for all your help and support right from the get-go. We couldn’t have done it without you and the team so please do pass on our immense appreciation to Richard, Adam, James and Alex.” Credit Suisse

“They have just arrived back into the office for a big congratulatory welcome back. They seem absolutely shattered, emotional and overwhelmed but they all said that even though it was something they would never have chosen to do, it was certainly something they don’t regret and will never forget! There’s a really great feeling in the office and everyone is really proud of their efforts … thank you for all your advice, efforts and support. They said that you did a fantastic job!”
CBS Outdoors

Contact us - Welsh 3000s Challenge - Corporate Event

Train for the Welsh 3000s with Will4Adventure

Get fitter, gain valuable insight, walk key-terrain, and learn essential navigation skills on this weekend course designed to get you ready for the Welsh 3000s. We can show you some key aspects of the route that will give you the edge on the day:

  • Traverse of Crib Goch*
  • The best descent route to Nant Peris
  • The direct traverse to Yr Elen

*Weather permitting


Dates can be arranged privately for groups of three or more. Simply email us with your request.

Price: £180 per person per day plus £20pp up to a maximum of four

Leader : client ratio not exceeding 1:4

Undertaking the Welsh 3000s independently is a huge undertaking. You should also consider joining us for a Hill Skills (navigation) weekend and for one of our Outdoor First Aid courses.

Private bookings can be taken from £160 per day. Contact us with your preferred date(s) that suit you and the numbers and we’ll get back to you asap with all the details.

What are the Welsh 3000s?

The fourteen mountains of Wales are all (conveniently) located in Snowdonia. They are: Snowdon 1085m, Garnedd Ugain 1066m, Crib Goch 923, Elidir Fawr 923m, Y Garn 947m, Glyder Fawr 999m, Glyder Fach 994m, Tryfan 915m, Pen Yr Ole Wen 978m, Carnedd Dafydd 1044m, Yr Elen 962m, Carnedd Llewelyn 1064m, Foel Grach 974m, Gwenllian (formerly Garnedd Uchaf*) 976m, Foel Fras 942m.

*Garnedd Uchaf, now named Gwenllian is the 15th peak and is contentious as such. Some say that a mountain must be at least 3000 feet (914m) above sea level and require at least 50m of re-ascent from it’s closest relative plateau… But Garnedd Uchaf is only 46m above it’s nearest saddle. Others will argue a mountain is any peak over 610m and needing 30m of ascent – and in this category Garnedd Uchaf fits the bill!

Outline strategy for success:

  • Know the (best) route like the back of your hand
  • Start early
  • Start slowly
  • Eat lots and make sure your food is balanced, sugars and salts
  • Drink lots of fluids – plan for 100ml of fluid per 1 mile

*The Fifteenth Peak

Some people refer to this as the Fifteen Peaks Challenge; or refer to the fifteen Welsh 3000s. It’s true, there are 15 peaks that are 3000 feet or higher. Garnedd Uchaf is the “fifteenth peak”. But for it to count as one of the three thousanders it needs to have a relative height gain of at least 150 feet, and alas Garnedd Uchaf climbs around 100 feet from the surrounding plateau. Hence we will walk by it but not bother walking the 30m or so to touch its summit.

Some thoughts on Equipment and Wet Weather Preparation

It has been known to rain occasionally in Wales – and it could be that this is the greatest challenge that you’ll be facing on the hill. Bad weather just needs the right mind-set combined with the best preparation – and it can be overcome! With that in mind we have written this advice here.

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