AAC UK has commissioned Will4Adventure to run two Overcome Your Fear of Heights courses for May and September 2023. For anyone who desperately wants to get back to their adventures, but is overcome by sheer exposure, this course is for you. (It’s also great for people who are crippled by their fear on ski-lifts, on escalators, or in  high rise buildings etc… ) You will be in the capable hands of two fabulous, highly professional and supportive climbing instructors, from our team who come with a wealth of experience born from many years of walking, climbing and most importantly, running these courses.

What do we do on this course to help you overcome your fear of heights?

This is a gradual process and it does not force you to do anything you don’t want to or that you’re not happy to do.

The fear of heights course begins with an indoor session looking at why you have a fear of heights and at re-writing the narrative that runs through your mind each time you are faced with the scenario. To overcome your acrophobia, (fear of heights), you need to program your unconscious mind with a healthy level of wariness and then use that wariness to replace your irrational terror. This first stage uses the hugely successful process of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

Anyone else running this therapy would end the treatment there. Thank you very much and good luck …

Not with us – this is just the beginning and this is why our fear of heights course is unique. Following this first stage we now head outdoors and start again: this time using a practical approach of phased exercises we develop your trust and confidence in your leader, your equipment, your skills and then … in yourself.

This course will aim to achieve its objectives through three phases

Phase 1 – (Morning of day 1). A session of Neuro Linguistic Programming with Brian who is our specialist therapist in this field.

Phase 2 – (Afternoon of day 1) – out to the Peak District. By this stage your unconscious mind will have made vast progress, but on a conscious level you won’t be so sure. We use a system of graduated activities outside to demonstrate to you how far you have now come.

Phase 3 – (Day 2). This phase further consolidates upon your progress and we continue to offer you opportunities to gain positive experiences at height.

Application process

1. Book and pay for your course with us – see the booking form below.

2. Wait for confirmation from us to let you know you have a place on the course.

3. Once you have booked your place, you’re then eligible to apply for a UK training grant with the AAC(UK). See the AAC(UK) website for a UK training grant application form and information.

If you have any questions about this please do feel free to contact Will using the details at the top right of this page.

Please be sure to read the booking conditions.

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